Warranty & Service

All service issues for Patriot gas units will be handled through National Service America (NSA). National Service America is an independent call center which handles the calls for warranty service on commercial kitchen products. All dealers are given the opportunity to choose who they would like to service their Patriot Gas units. After the service company is chosen, NSA will contact them to introduce the service program and the units. It will be explained that the dealer (name) will be selling a line of gas products and would like them to be their service company for warranty issues. If an issue arises and a part is needed, the part will be sent overnight to expedite the service issue. If there is a need for service outside of the preferred service company’s territory, NSA will use one of their authorized service companies in that area.

NSA retains an extensive database that contains a full record of information including model number, warranty period, serial numbers, and any service issues that may arise. As warranty cards are received, the database will be updated to include the end-users’ name and address and date of purchase.

Warranty Service:

All units will have the NSA toll free number to call for service issues. This number is 877-672-7740.


The service call will be called into National Service America.
The following information must be provided to NSA:

1) Model number
2) Serial number
3) Date of purchase
4) Dealer name
5) Name, address and phone number of the unit’s location
6) Description of the problem or issue

National Service America will troubleshoot the problem with the caller. If there is no resolve, NSA will contact the service company and arrange service.


  • The service company will then call the end user for an appointment for service.
  • The turnaround time from the fi rst call to the service company is within hours.
  • Although NSA cannot predict the schedule of a service company’s work load, NSA has found from past experience it usually falls within a 1 to 2 day period.
  • All techs that go on the job are required to call NSA once a diagnosis is made
  • NSA will work with the service company to make sure all service issues are resolved

NSA offers service companies either credit card payment or 30 day payment terms, which are always paid promptly. All invoices can be mailed or faxed along with the diagnostics and resolve. The name and address of end user along with model and serial number are also needed at this time.

National Service America
230 Park Ave, Suite 1000
New York, NY 10169

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